As boardsporters, we feel the responsibility to take care for our playground. Since, the production process of neoprene wetsuits is quite controversial, due to its’ negative environmental impact, we challenged our manufacturer Sheico to find new ways to produce our wetsuits in a more eco-friendly manner.

By adopting more eco-friendly wetsuit technologies, such as the use of carbon black, neoprene left-overs, recycled polyester, dope-dyed yarn and water based glue, we are now able to produce wetsuits greener than before.

Although, a 100% sustainable wetsuit doesn’t yet exist, we also believe that every single step can contribute to a more sustainable future. So from this season, all of our wetsuits are produced at Sheico. With this, we are pioneering in the field of developing eco-friendly wetsuits. Meaning that our 2020 wetsuits are the most eco-friendly alternative in the current market.

Discover more about this production process below.