Although, we’re not allowed to travel these days, we can still daydream about future trips. Teamriders Rita Arnaus and Sanne Meijer made a list of their top 5 kitesurfing and wakeboarding spots around the world. So get inspired and start dreaming about future trips!


1. Bali, Indonesia: Bali is definitely my favorite spot. Not just for wakeboarding, but for everything: the surf, the nature, the food, and ACAI BOWLS FOR DAYS! Back in 2018, my friends and I went to Bali for the Plastic Playground World Series. So while exploring the islands around Bali, we also added some wake action to the trip. ​

2. Sidewake, Portugal: My all-time favorite spot for boat wakeboarding. The good vibes, the flat water and the awesome canyons make this place so cool! This is also the spot where my video was made in collaboration with Brunotti, here you can see how awesome the nature is! ​

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Last year, I went to Buenos Aires for six weeks to stay with my wake friend Martina. It was my second trip to Argentina, but this time I was staying with a local. This definitely made a difference, because she showed me what the real Argentinian life was about! There aren’t that many full-size cable parks in Argentina, so Martina and I visited a few 2.0 parks. I had so much fun riding these parks, because they all had homemade obstacles, which I had never ridden before. And of course besides wakeboarding, the ‘’asados’’, also known as Argentinian barbecues, were amazing!

4. Playa del Carmen, Mexico: I always enjoy going to Mexico, because I love the Mexican food haha! And there is just so much to do: fishing, diving, exploring, wakeboarding, and like I said eating Mexican food! 😀 What do you need more? ​

5. Aussie Aussie Aussie: Last February, I went to the Gold Coast, Australia, for the first time. I expected it to be like America, but I was wrong! I guess it’s more a mixture of Europe and America. Australia is one of the best places to combine boat and cable wakeboarding and also going to the beach for a little surf!


1. Cumbuco, Brazil: Every time, I have an incredible good time in Cumbuco. It’s a spot where lots of kiters and riders go to enjoy the perfect conditions in the ocean and lagoons. My best memory is from last November, when I competed in the GKA Kite World Tour and got a 3rd place finish! ​

2. Los Roques, Venezuela: This is definitely the most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen. Los Roques has many kilometres of crystal blue water, and delivers great winds. I never thought a place like this existed, until I saw it with my own eyes. The best memories I have are from my last trip while filming the video Alegria y Sal with a bunch of friends.

3. Dakhla, Morocco: Dakhla is a spot located in the middle of the sand dunes, the (super) strong winds make it a magical place. My best memory is from 2014, when I competed in my first global kitesurfing competition! ​

4. Union Island, Grenadines: I only went once to Union Island, but I had an amazing time cruising on a sailing boat while shooting the Stance Kiteboarding video. ​

5. Le Morne, Mauritius: Le Morne is also a really special place, I (kite)surfed my first proper wave here and I got a second place at the GKA freestyle stop last year!