In 1979 the 23-year-old Italian sportsman Claudio Brunotti travelled to the Netherlands. After his journey through Europe developing his passion for windsurfing, he settles down at the beautiful beach town of Scheveningen. This is where he started to develop all sorts of colourful windsurf boards. Back in the day, windsurfing was really popular and Scheveningen was the place to be. His passion for all kinds of boardsports and his feeling for style, colour and quality was unique in those days. This became the signature of our brand.  

The signature of our brand

In 1985 Claudio started to develop functional and technical snowboard outfits, beside all the surfboards and beachwear. These were based on his personal experiences and those of other snowboard riders, and consequently meeting the needs of extreme riders. Nowadays we still design and produce beachwear, snowwear and board products. Even though our business and brand have changed during the years, the signature of Claudio and the rich history of Brunotti are still alive in all of our products. Not only for windsurfing or snowboarding, but for all boardsports.

Jinne Sietsma

Claudio eventually passed on the ins and outs of board shaping to Jinne Sietsma, a real Scheveningen surfer with a big talent for shaping boards. Claudio’s tips enabled him to refine shaping techniques and carry on the strong tradition of Brunotti Boards. Meanwhile, Claudio moved back to Italy.

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