"Boarding from the age of 4, never stopped"

Personal details:

  • Name: Ben van der Steen
  • Country: Nederland
  • Discipline: Windsurf

I am a Windsurfer.

I am a windsurfer from Holland born in 1979 just like the Brunotti brand. I grew up skateboarding, snowboarding from an age of 4 and when my friends started to windsurf I tried it as well at an age of 12. After I tried windsurfing once, I was hooked for life. I started competing in the Dutch national tour in all disciplines and after a couple of years I won the nationals in all disciplines and started my international adventure. At an age of 15 I did my 1st Speed world championship were I finished top 10 in the mens division.

After many years on the PWA world tour doing all disciplines (Wave, Freestyle and Racing) I decided to concentrate on one discipline, Slalom. This is the Racing discipline in the PWA world tour and besides this I enjoy GPS speed windsurfing and hitting the waves when the conditions are good on both windsurf and surfboard.

I currently live in Tarifa with my wife and my little daughter and son. I train here and work on the development for my sail sponsor as well as chasing the good conditions we have around here in winter and summer.

Latest achievement: Steady Top 10 PWA slalom