"Just love to play outside"

Personal details:

  • Name: Dorian van Rijsselberghe
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Discipline: RS:X Windsurf

Living the goodlife.

I am Dorian, an two times Olympic golden medal winner, but mostly just a random guy who likes to play outside. I love to be on the water; surfing, kiting, SUPping, and of course windsurfing. I grew up on the Dutch island Texel, at the moment I am living the good life everywhere in the world – with my homebase and family in Cali.

As an athlete I set super high demands on my gear. I just want my gear to feel and perform 100%. If it doesn’t feel right, or it doesn’t work like I need it to work, I will not use it. That is also why I am so happy with Brunotti. Together we can research, develop and produce super durable products which can meet all my demands.

Latest achievement: Worldchampion 2018 and 2nd on the Europeans 2019

Dorian is currently running for the olympics but active with his foundation and even a Brunotti Sponsored event: WAVES Festival. Where you can go surfing, enjoy Texel (NL) and some great acts!