"My passion in life? Kitesurfing"

Personal details:

  • Name: Joshua Emanuel
  • Country: South Africa
  • Discipline: Kite

Speed and power are everything.

Joshua is a water born person who was fortunate enough to grow up with the ocean on his doorstep. His main passion in life is kitesurfing. Other things he really loves to do is surfing, skating and being outdoors.

February 25, 1994 Joshua was born in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. He moved to Durban shortly after he was born. Currently he is living in Wind capital of the World, Cape Town.

“Kitesurfing was introduced to me at a very young age. I stopped kiting for just over a year and when I started again I really started to push myself in the sport. After a few more years I moved to Cape Town to study and focus on my kiting as it was the the best place for me to do this. After my studies, my full focus went to kiting.”

He told us his favourite spot for wave riding is by far Mauritius. For big air and loops his perfect spot is Cape Town. Besides good spots, he also wants to share some tips and tricks. Joshua: “Speed and power is everything as well as good technique. But maybe more important: if you want something in life, you really need to put your mind to it and give it your full focus.”

His focus point for now it Red Bull King of The Air. He would love to take the win this event as well as holding his title at Red Bull Megaloop Challenge. But above all he will be the first one to break the 29 m mark.

At last we asked him if there is something extra we really need to know about him. Joshua: “Not really… 😊 I’m a pretty chilled guy who absolutely loves kiting and travelling and exploring the world. I would love to keep pushing the limits of the sport and hopefully be able to do this for a very long time.”