"I am very much looking forward to this new journey, with all the great team matessurrounding me I'm very sure that this will push my level even harder"

Personal details:

  • Name: Rita Arnaus
  • Country: Spain
  • Discipline: Kite

Combining sports & travel is a dream come true.

Rita Arnaus from Barcelona is part of the Brunotti team since the beginning of 2017. Rita gained admiration during the World kiteboarding cup 2016 in New Caledonia where she reached the final for the first time. We are convinced that she will not only impress people with her fantastic looks, but most certainly also with here great talent and riding skills.

Just a few rankings:

4th Overall in the Freestyle World Tour 2018

1st Spain Kiteboarding League Huelva 2018
2nd World Kiteboarding League Turkey 2017
1st Sosh Freestyle Cup 2017
7th World Kiteboarding League France 2017
1st Spanish freestyle Championships 2016
1st Sosh Freestyle Cup 2016
5th World Kiteboarding League New Caledonia 2016
5th World Kiteboarding League Cabarete 2016
7th World Kiteboarding League Germany 2016
1st Spanish freestyle Championships 2015
1st Spanish Freestyle Cup 2015
3rd at the VKWC Tarifa 2015
7th PKRA freestyle Tarifa 2014
7th PKRA freestyle Germany 2014

Salt water runs through her vain as her parents are Spanish windsurfing champions and dad was amongst the first to start kiteboarding in Spain.

Obviously, Rita couldn‘t be kept away from the water. By then she was windsurfing and sailing. It took another six years until she discovered her true passion: Kiteboarding!

In 2014 she switched to online schooling and started traveling the world to train and shoot videos in the best conditions. She was able to compete for her first time at some PKRA stops.

In 2015 she became Spanish Champion and she joined the international kite world tour and gets her first podium with a 3rd place in Tarifa, Spain.

She is been recognized by the Sports Council and the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation as a high-performance athlete.

“Kiteboarding has definitely taken over my life. The sport means a lot to me and my main motivation is to keep making it bigger by showing people how amazing it is, competing to compare my kite skills with the other girls and get the chance to travel around the world!”