"To be part of this great Brunotti team makes me a very happy girl"

Personal details:

  • Name: Sarah Quita Offringa
  • Country: Aruba
  • Discipline: Windsurf

No introduction needed.

Sarah-Quita! Almost no further introduction needed but in case you have forgotten; Sarah-Quita, born on the 4th of july on Aruba. Despite of her age, you can count her as the queen of windsurfing! She belongs to the ranking of most talented windsurfers out there.

This true water woman spent all her life in the water and is very stoked with the collaboration with Brunotti.

“I was born and raised in the Caribbean, on the Dutch island Aruba. I have participated in a lot of sports as a kid until narrowing it down to swimming, tennis and windsurfing. Aruba is a great place to learn windsurfing because of the shallow water and wind that blows pretty much all year long.

When my parents took my brother and I to take windsurf lessons I was only 9 and was not strong enough to lift the sail, whereas my brother took to it immediately and was surfing circles around me in no time. Only a year later when we went to Bonaire with a big group to compete, I decided to try windsurfing again so I could join in on the trip. We were a huge group of kids having fun on the water and since then I have been hooked to windsurfing!

After moving to the Netherlands for studies I realized how lucky I was to grow up on an island. Because of the cold weather I started travelling out to discover new and warmer places for windsurfing. This is when I discovered that I loved travelling, windsurfing in new places and meeting inspiring people.

Blasting across the water at high speed and you are deciding in what direction you want to go. Windsurfing just gives me this adrenaline rush that keeps me coming back for more! I love the sport as a whole and am therefore competing in all the disciplines on the professional tour. Freestyle, slalom and wave. Wave sailing is my latest challenge and I am loving it! Apart from that, my main goal is to raise the bar for womens windsurfing!

To be part of this great Brunotti team makes me a very happy girl, the fact that my teammates are from so many different board sport categories is so inspiring for me and to learn from each other is a great benefit to this co-operation”.

Latest achievement: Sarah-quita latest victory was in april of 2019 where she won the PWA tour stop on Bonaire and achieved the 1st place on Freestyle. In total she won 15 Worldtitels in Freestyle & Slalom