Brunotti, boardsports since 1979

40 years ago the Italian windsurfer Claudio Brunotti ended up in Scheveningen. Reason: good surf and beautiful Dutch ladies! In this upcoming windsurf hotspot, he started shaping his own windsurf boards.

Windsurfing grew into a true craze in the late 1970s and Claudio was right in the middle of it

He was an experienced windsurfer who won competitions and a good shaper. His colorful boards and T-shirts became famous and ran extremely well. From the late 1980s, Brunotti developed an outerwear snowboard collection. Brunotti continued to grow, and soon the young and talented shaper Jinne Sietsma came on board. Claudio Brunotti left for Italy in 1995 and Jinne Sietsma took over Brunotti Boards. Technical kite gear was added from 2000 and in recent years Brunotti has become a true surf brand for all board sports.

The new designs are still being developed from the original workshop in Scheveningen

Right from the start, in addition to windsurf boards, surf boards were also shaped. Classic fishes, shortboards, longboards, you can still just step in at Jinne for a custom board. The close collaboration with Brunotti team riders has been important from the start. The surfboards, but also the kite, windsurf and wakeboards, are part of the RDP – Rider Developed Product range. An important link in the current process is reserved for our riders, namely in the development of new products, whether it concerns surf, skate, kite, SUP or wakeboards. Most of our riders practice 1 or more of the other board sports in addition to their own board sports.

It doesn't matter which sport you like best or how good you are at it; go outside and enjoy it, No Matter The Conditions!

We want to share this feeling and that is why we make board sport disciplines accessible to everyone. We do this by making 100% authentic and technical products, both for beginners and for pros. With distribution of hardware in 35 countries, distribution of clothing in 17 countries and a large webshop, all boardsports brand Brunotti has grown into an A-brand of value in 40 years. We are proud of this and we celebrate this during our anniversary year! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, sign up for our newsletter and stay informed of cool give away promotions, news and facts about 40 years of Brunotti.