Between the 20th and the 25th of April the GKA Kite World Tour took place in Leucate, France. During this event our teamrider Rita Arnaus participated in the Freestyle Discipline. She did a really good job and became 4 th in this competition.

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We asked Rita some questions about her preparations for the GKA World Cup. Check her answers below!

Can you tell us something about this event?
The first freestyle kite event of the year is taking place in France, Leucate! Last time we had a competition in that spot was 2 years ago, so I’m very excited to be back. The spot is very close to my home in Barcelona, so I can go by car and my family and friends can come to visit me. The event is one of the biggest of the year, there is a big audience that comes to the beach and many tents from brands of the sector.

What are your expectations about the event?
My expectations about the event is to have wind every day!!! France is known for the strong Tramontana winds, so we are hoping for that! Anyway, any wind is welcome and I can’t wait to perform in my best. To be with my friends from the tour again, is going to be a lot of fun and long days at the beach working hard to be on the top!

What are your goals for the GKA World Tour in general?
My goals for the World Tour this year is to at least be on the top 4 as last year. Hopefully I improve that result and be on top 3. I’m very focused and motivated to push my tricks in every heat, I have been training hard in and out the water and I’m feeling super ready mentally and physically.

Which Brunotti gear will you use during this event?
In this event I’m going to use my favorite board the Brunotti Riptide 136cm. The conditions will be a bit choppy and I love how the Riptide absorb the choppy and helps me with the pop in those conditions. For the wetsuit, it’s a bit cold, so I will take the Nightbird full suit 5/4mm and the best harness ever, the Smartshell!!! I can’t kite anymore if isn’t with it!

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