Between the 26th of January and the 10th of February the King of the Air took place in Cape Town, South Africa. Our teamrider Joshua Emanuel participated also in this competition. A week before the contest he made a big crash and it was exciting if he could participate. Luckily he felt a lot better and he was able to start the competition. Unfortunally he had to stop in the quarter final because of a rib injury. Despite that, we are really proud of him and hope he will grab the title of King Of The Air next year!

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Red Bull King of the Air is tracking a potential weather system for Thursday and Friday this week. Stay tuned for the 48HR call!

The 48HR call is given! Red Bull King of the Air is ON for a potential start on Thursday 31 January!

GREEN LIGHT for Thursday 31 January! Red Bull King of the Air is ON!
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We asked Joshua some questions about his preparations for King of the Air. Check his answers below!

How do you prepare yourself for KOTA?
Throughout the year I am always training. As it gets closer to the event, the training becomes more intense. Through the last month, I got serious about my training as well as getting my mindset into the right place.

Do you only train in Cape Town or also on other places?
Cape Town is where most of my training happens, but I also travel for the other half of the year. I am not always in strong conditions, but when I score some strong conditions other than in Cape Town, for sure I will utilise those conditions.

Do you also train in the gym? If yes, what kind of exercises do you do?
Yes, I do! For me the most important sort of training for kiting mainly are body weight exercises. Also training my balance is key for my kite sport. These sorts of exercises will prevent you from injury.

What are your chances to become KOTA 2019?
It has always been a dream for me to win KOTA. It has been a harsh season for me and unfortunately, I have picked up some minor injuries which have slowed my training down. Mentally I am ready to win, but physically might be off a little.

Who is you biggest competitor?
For me my biggest worry is for sure Nick Jacobsen.

Do you have any tips for young talented guys, who are also dreaming to compete in the KOTA contest?
Aim for the clouds and never stop trying till you reach them. Basically, anybody who puts their mind to something they want, can achieve it. So, it just depends how much you really want to be in this competition. 

What′s next after KOTA 2019?
My next main focus will go to the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge in Holland sometime this year when the right storm hits. I became 1st in 2017. In 2018 there was no Megaloop, so my goal is to keep the title.