Between the 9th and the 13th of April the Forsa Bonaire PWA World Cup took place. During this event our teamriders Sarah-Quita Offringa (15 x World Champion) and Amado Vrieswijk (3rd place 2018) competed in the Freestyle discipline.


A huge congratulation to Amado who completes a stunning come back through the double Elimination. He’s the winner of the FORSA Bonaire PWA Freestyle World Cup for men! And also a massive congratulations to Sarah-Quita, the winner of the Women’s Freestyle World Cup in Bonaire! Both teamriders made a winning start to the year!


We asked Sarah-Quita and Amado some questions about their preparations for the PWA World Cup. Check their answers below!

How does it feel to compete at your home spot?
AMADO: I could not have a better place to start the 2019 PWA Worldtour. It’s awesome to sail at home and have all friends and freestyle colleagues here on Sorobon.
SARAH-QUITA: Bonaire isn′t exactly my homespot, but it is the place where I fell in love with windsurfing, so I do have a special bond with this spot. I just love the atmosphere and the happy competitiveness that′s always in the air when you sail there.

Do you think you′ll benefit from competing at Bonaire?
AMADO: Ofcourse! I know (almost) every chop, the wind conditions and will have my Bonaire friends and family around for support. On the other side the pressure will be high, the level of all riders is even higher. As always I will give my very best.
SARAH-QUITA: I think it will be tight competition because the conditions are quite easy to sail in, which means that everyone can really perform at their highest level. So I think it′s going to be a great show.

Can you tell us something about this event?
AMADO: This is a special event for me, but especially for Bonaire. Nancy, my mom, had already the idea to organise a PWA World Cup in 2016 and joined forces with Youp’s dad Mick Schmit from FORSA. Together and with several other committee members, they realize this 1st Freestyle World Cup in 2019. They received massive support from the Dutch Ministery of Sports, local and international businesses. Also great to mention is that many school kids and young people are involved in the daily program and this is awesome.

What are your expectations about the event? 
AMADO: The forecast is perfect, the event-site looks fantastic, we have livestream broadcasting, all competitors are eager to start and I hope of course for a good competition and result.
SARAH-QUITA: I think there will be a high level on the water. It′s the first event of the year so this way we′ll get a sneakpeek of who the worldtitle contenders are this year. I′ve been sailing in pretty light wind the two weeks I′ve been here, but it looks like it′s going to be pretty strong for the event.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
AMADO: It will be a busy year with already 6 events before June 3rd. A lot of traveling ahead. I will compete in Freestyle, Slalom, Foil and as much as possible in the wave-events.
SARAH-QUITA: I will be heading over to the Canaries fairly early, so I can get my wave training started!

Amado, last year, you became 3d in the freestyle discipline, what are your goals for this year?
Freestyle: At least a top 3 result, but the hunt for the title is open and I will go for it. In slalom: Top 20 result, Foil: Top 5 and Wave: open.

Sarah-Quita, you already got 15 World Titles, what do you want to achieve this year?
My goal is just to keep raising the bar in women′s windsurfing!