Between the 13th and the 24th of February the World Cable Wakeboard Championships took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our teamrider Sanne Meijer participated and grabed the 2nd place (Silver) on the World Cable Wakeboard Championships 2019! We are extremely proud of Sanne! Follow her on Instagram or Facebook to stay posted!

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Today’s the first day of the World Championships! Sanne will get into action Wednesday 20 February.

Sanne made it to the semi finals today! She has been really ill for the last 4 days, but managed to put together a good first run. It puts her in the 2nd position! The semi finals will take place on Friday. Hopefully she feels a little better then!

Sanne walks straight into tomorrow’s finals! Her second run was the best run since her shoulder surgery and previous World Championships in 2014.

What a crazy final! Sanne took silver on the World Cable Wakeboard Championships! Sanne: “Definitely my best riding ever and the hardest final I′ve ever been a part off!” Congratiulations with this fantastic result!

Check the pictures of the Championships below!


We asked Sanne some questions about her preparations for the World Championships. Check her answers below!

What are your expectations for this event?
My expectations for these World Championships aren′t really high, but at least I wanna make it to the podium.

Can you tell us something about this event?
There are around 200 riders competing and 30 of them are in my category called Open Women! The competition will start on the 14th of February with the juniors and seniors and next week on the 20th of February the Open categories will go down! The open categories consists of a female group, a male group and a seated group! The seated competitiors are riders with a physical disability, they sit on a wakeboard, that′s why it′s called seated! In my opinion this is one of the most impressive categories to watch!

My competition starts off with the qualifications, followed by the semi finals and then the finals will go down on the 23th of February!

Can you tell us something about the obstacles you’ll face?
The obstacles I′ve facing the past couple of years have been injuries for sure. I had two popped out shoulders, right now I have a small foot injury. So, these are the obstacles and hopefully I don′t have to face them in these championships and I can wakeboard without any pain.

How hard will the competition be?
Since I′ve been competing completely, I′ve seen the sport really grow the passed couple of years. And I must say, the level of riding is really high and the groms are coming for me.

My biggest competitor is a German girl. She has won a lot of competitions the past couple of years. But we′ll see who wins this year! There is also a French girl named Aurelie Godet, she′s very young and definitely coming for me this year! I guess those two are my biggest competitors!

What are your plans after the World Championships?
For now I don′t have any plans after Worlds! I′m gonna focus on graduating university for two months and then I′ll see what this year will bring me! For sure I will compete in Europeans, the World Cup, the plastic playgrounds and at the end of the year the World Beach Games and World Championships boat!